An Accidental Alibi                        

Number SF-2F
Collection Film muet
Title   An Accidental Alibi                        
Duration 00:13:18
Date of production 1913
Production Producer :
Keyword Index : Fiction
Sound silent
Summary Joe Hardy, a young farmer of good standing, proposes to, and is accepted by Jessie Barnes, daughter of a neighboring farmer, When Joe brings the matter to the attention of Mr. Barnes, he receives a flat refusal. Joe, being a hot-tempered man, goes to the saloon, and in the presence of several witnesses, makes threats against Mr. Barnes' life. He later, however, decides to forget it all and goes to the city. During his absence, Mr. Barnes, while riding through the country, is thrown from his horse and killed. The body is found and when Joe returns home he is captured, tried and convicted. After Joe's trial Jessie is persuaded to visit a friend in New York, and while there she goes into a moving picture theater, where she sees her lover on the screen. She communicates with Joe's attorney, and by the moving picture it is proved that Joe was in New York at the time of Mr. Barnes' death.
kCatégorie News & Politics