King of the Pack

Number SF-12B
Collection Film muet
Title King of the Pack
Duration 00:14:23
Date of production 1926
Keyword Index : Fiction
Sound silent
Summary Selah Blair is treated badly by her stepmother, "Widder" Gasper, and her only friend is her dog, King. "Widder" Gasper's son, Bud, is a redneck, white-trash, bootlegging moonshiner in the Tennessee mountains in which they reside, and keeps a lustful eye on his step-sister. Kitty Carlyle, a Broadway actress, is on vacation in the mountains and her horse runs away with her. Selah saves her and Kitty give her a $1000 check as a reward. As soon as she cashes the check, to buy some store-boughten clothes,"Widder" Gasper tries to take it away from Selah, but King takes the money and hides it in a hole. "Widder" and Bud lock her up until she gives them the money. Cliff Sifton, Selah's sweetheart, is leading a boy-scout troop through the mountains and, with the aid of King, rescues Selah.
kCatégorie News & Politics