Jacare - Pt I

Number TFA-420A
Collection TFA
Title Jacare - Pt I
Title of father document
Duration 00:24:57
Date of production 1942
Keyword Places : South America, Brésil, United States
Index : Animal, Zoo, Expedition, capture
Available format 4K
Sound Sonoer
Summary Part one of a 1942 documentary about an expedition to capture animals in the Brazilian jungle for zoos in the United States.
Description 1940s, Brazil, Amazon River, jungles, adventure, documentaries, naturalists, explorers, wildlife, animals, birds, nature, expeditions, safaris, Frank Buck, Miguel Rojinsky, James M. Dannaldson, Clyde E. Elliott, Buck writing letter to Rojinsky introducing Dannaldson before his visit, Rio de Janeiro, Sugarloaf, musicians and women dancing, Palm Avenue, Belem, rooftops, Brazilians, railroad station, crowded train, Buck's letter arriving at Rojinsky's villa, Dannaldson and Elliott arriving at Belem port and meeting Rojinsky, Belem waterfront, cargo boats, car pov driving through city, visitors arriving at Grande Hotel, Dannaldson and Elliott meeting Rojinsky outside hotel and looking over map before heading out on expedition, expedition members transferring from station wagon to ox-cart aided by native porters, bullock cart, expedition members taking boats including dugout canoes down Amazon River, wildlife on riverbank, birds, heron, egret, expedition members venturing into jungle, porters cooking meal at campsite, expedition members eating, pet monkeys chained at campsite, spider monkeys, woolly monkeys, Brazilian men eating with fingers, macaws, monkey eating food off plate left behind, Dannaldson and Rojinsky catching boa constrictor, tapir family, woolly monkey in tree, Dannaldson catching iguana climbing tree, Dannaldson and Rojinsky saving coatimundi from boa, Dannaldson going on solo canoe trip with porter, harpy eagle and king vultures roosting in trees alongside river, anaconda creeping into water
kCatégorie News & Politics