Alaska's Silver Millions

Number TFA-425A
Collection TFA
Title Alaska's Silver Millions
Duration 00:29:51
Date of production 1936
Keyword Index : Sea, Salmon, Fish, Industry, Fishing
Places : Alaska
Available format 4K
Sound Sonoer
Summary Film host Father Bernard Hubbard, known as the “Glacier Priest,” introduces the regions of Alaska and documents salmon biology, fishing and canning in this film funded by the American Can Company. Presents the life cycle of the Pacific salmon and Alaska's salmon fishing industry.
Description 1930s, Alaska, Father Bernardwh Hubbard, salmon industry, map comparing size of Alaska to rest of United States and spotlighting various locations / regions, Yukon, dog sleds, dog teams, inuits, eskimos, ice fishing, reindeer herd, ice blocks breaking and piling up, Southeastern Alaska, boat pov traveling Inside Passage, waterfall, islands, Juneau, Alaska Juneau mine, dense forests, grazing cattle, government roads, waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, icebergs, Alaska Peninsula, Aleutian Islands, volcanos, Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Mount Shishaldin, Mount Aniakchak, salmon life cycle, salmon run, salmon entering freshwater stream and traveling upstream, salmon spawning, dead salmon on riverbanks, salmon traps, salmon netting, brailing, trapped salmon being transferred in nets to cannery tenders, salmon being transported in tenders, salmon being unloaded from tenders and transferred to fish house, salmon being cleaned and transported to canning house, cannery, salmon canning factory, salmon being canned through various processes, cannery workers, stacked trays of cans being pushed into retorts to be cooked, cans being inspected and set out to cool, cans being labeled, cannery tender heading back out to sea
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