Jacare - Pt II

Number TFA-420B
Collection TFA
Title Jacare - Pt II
Title of father document
Duration 00:37:44
Date of production 1942
Keyword Places : South America, Brésil, United States
Index : Animal, Animal, Expedition, capture, Zoo
Available format 4K
Sound Sonoer
Summary Part two of a 1942 documentary about an expedition to capture animals in the Brazilian jungle for zoos in the United States.
Description 1940s, Brazil, Amazon River, jungles, adventure, documentaries, naturalists, explorers, wildlife, animals, birds, nature, expeditions, safaris, Frank Buck, Miguel Rojinsky, James M. Dannaldson, Clyde E. Elliott, storks, anaconda, peccaries fighting, Dannaldson picking up peccary, anteaters, baby anteater riding on top of mother, anteaters fighting, Dannaldson and Rojinsky catching anteaters and bringing back to camp, monkey greeting animals as they are put into cages, porter making hobble out of palm tree and climbing palm tree, coconuts being thrown down to ground, Rojinsky and porter carrying coconuts back to camp, Dannaldson and porter watching as water buffalo emerges from swamp and fights alligator, jaguar guarding cubs from water buffalo, porters catching jaguar with rope and carrying back to camp, Rojinsky slicing coconut with machete for Dannaldson to drink, Dannaldson playing with monkey, monkey drinking coconut water, anaconda attacking Dannaldson and wrapping around him as he looks at butterfly, Rojinsky and porters rescuing Dannaldson and tending to his wounds, toucan in tree, Elliott arriving with permits to explore “Jacaré land,” expedition traveling in ox-carts, Dannaldson catching crab-eating raccoons from tree and putting in trap, armadillos being captured and put into trap, capybara mother and babies being captured, expedition members and guides riding horseback through water, guides leaving with horses, expedition members in dugout canoes near crocodiles, crocodile swimming toward dugout, porters lassoing crocodiles and pulling onto dugout, crocodiles having mouths shut with sticks and being bound with ropes, crocodile upturning canoe and Dannaldson falling into water, Dannaldson fighting crocodile and stabbing it to death, Elliott shooting another nearby crocodile, oxen pulling dugouts loaded with crocodiles and expedition members back to camp, Dannaldson and Rojinsky examining captured animals, ocelot, monkey eating fruit, Dannaldson petting and playing with jaguar cubs, expedition members departing camp in canoes, porters hoisting water buffalo onto boat, expedition members traveling with animals in boat back to Belem, animals being loaded onto steamer at Belem port, Dannaldson and Elliott saying goodby to Rojinsky and departing for US, Rojinsky waving from dock
kCatégorie News & Politics