Look At Greece

Number TFA-408A
Collection TFA
Title Look At Greece
Duration 00:21:35
Date of production 1950
Keyword Places : Greece, Europe
Index : United-Nations
Index : Agriculture, Tradition, Train
Sound Sonoer
Summary A United Nations film about a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations report on Greece in the late 1940s
Description 1940s, 1949, historical documentaries, Greece, agriculture, industry, industries, post-WWII, Greek Civil War, United Nations Film Board, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, Copenhagen Conference of FAO, FAO mission, Greece on raised relief map, farms, daybreak, family waking up and getting ready, farming, farmers, farmer preparing horse and son leading sheep out to pasture, grandmother sending children off to school, farmer watering small vegetable patch from water retrieved from well, mother trading goat's milk for food, horse-drawn plow, women baking bread and spinning thread for clothes, fishermen pulling net out of water, boxes of fish transported to nearby market, windmill, olive groves, women and children harvesting olives, wine making, stomping grapes, Corinth, women sorting raisins in factory, Macedonia, street scenes, tobacco picking, tobacco industry, woman in traditional dress spinning, women picking and shucking corn, port, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, UNRRA, relief mission, material aid, cargo and vehicles being unloaded from ships, seed bank, artificial insemination of cattle, livestock being overburdened, horse-drawn water mill, Crete, windmills, need for improvement of irrigation systems, women standing in line to retrieve drinking water, reconstruction of roads destroyed during WWII, reconstruction of Corinth Canal, Greek Civil War, refugees traveling on trains, train stations, Athens, crowded streets, refugees living in unfinished building without walls, market, peddlers, men smoking pipes, drinking and eating in cafe, mud house being constructed, poverty, tuberculosis, malnourished children in hospital, Parthenon
kCatégorie News & Politics