Life In Northern Lands

Number TFA-408C
Collection TFA
Title Life In Northern Lands
Duration 00:10:14
Date of production 1954
Keyword Places : Norway, Europe
Index : Mountain, Culture, Family, Ski, Knitting
Index : Fjord
Available format 4K
Sound Sonoer
Summary An educational film about Norway in the early 1950s.
Description 1950s, educational films, Norway, Bergen, harbor, port, fishing boats, snow-covered mountains, glaciers, fjords, farmlands along fjords, agriculture, farming, farmers, farmhouse, hay, grains, high pasture, children watching cattle graze, seter, milk cans being sent down to village on cable, children and woman eating dinner on pasture, midnight sun, fishing boats, fishermen, fishing industry, crates of fish being unloaded from boat, children skiing home from school, man cutting down tree for firewood, family eating dinner at table, woman knitting, children writing letter
kCatégorie News & Politics