Tiger Fangs

Number TFA-425B
Collection TFA
Title Tiger Fangs
Duration 00:09:50
Date of production 1943
Keyword Index : Fiction, Adventure, Tiger, Nazi, Jungle
Places : Malaysia, Asia
Available format 4K
Sound Sonoer
Summary Condensed version of the 1943 American adventure / thriller film starring Frank Buck as a hunter who uncovers a Nazi conspiracy to stop rubber plantation production in Malaya. Frank Buck tangles with Nazis who have been doping tigers in Malaya, thereby making man-eaters of them. With the cats on a rampage, rubber production is seriously curtailed and the Allied war effort jeopardized. Buck and his associates, Peter Jeremy, Geoffrey MacCardle and Linda McCardle, thwart the Teutonic malefactors: the villainous Nazi Dr. Lang and his portly accomplice Henry Gratz. Thereafter, life is safe once again in the jungle.
Description 1940s, adventure films, World War II, Nazis, propaganda films, Frank Buck, June Duprez, East Indies, Malaya, rubber plantation, jungle, crazed tigers suddenly attacking and killing native rubber tappers, famed hunter Frank Buck arriving to investigate, Buck finding poison dart in tiger's fur and bringing to lab to get analyzed, Nazi doctor threatening rubber plantation owner to be quiet about the truth, elephants trampling plantation owner to death after he shoots at Buck, Buck's helper saving Buck and his associates from Nazi doctor and his accomplice
kCatégorie News & Politics