Cornish Valley

Number TFA-426C
Collection TFA
Title Cornish Valley
Duration 00:16:13
Date of production 1944
Keyword Index : Agriculture, Cattle, Breeding, Cow, Farm, Farmer, Sheep
Places : Angleterre, Great Britain
Available format 4K
Sound Sonoer
Summary A 1944 British documentary showing farming in a rural part of Britain. Produced for the Ministry of Information.
Description 1940s, Great Britain, United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Cornish Valley, farming, farms, rural life, agriculture, historical documentaries, educational films, rocky coast, inland plateaus, valleys, slate and granite quarries, China clay works, tin mining, pitchblende, uncultivated land, moors, margin land, grazing sheep and cattle, wild ponies, valley farms, bulb farm, men and women picking flowers in field, blossoming trees, dairy farms, cattle grazing in pastures on valley floor and sides, plow lands on upper fields between valleys, horse-drawn plows, Culm Valley, farming families, various family farms, family members doing farm chores and domestic duties, sheep farming, shepherd assisting ewe in lambing, farmer and son feeding pigs, farmer's daughter doing laundry, bulls, dairy farm, farmer and daughter loading milk jugs and eggs onto truck for delivery, farmer's wife feeding chickens and ducks, Sanctuary Farm, draft horses, old water mill, sawing timber, Kilkhampton, St. James' Church, market day, cattle market, livestock being sold, cattle, sheep, farmers socializing, farmer's wives and daughters shopping from market stalls, farmers going for pint in pub, family back at home sitting down for meal together
kCatégorie News & Politics