Number TFA-428C
Collection TFA
Title Australia
Title of father document
Duration 00:10:25
Date of production 1948
Keyword Places : Australie
Index : Port, Street, Traffic, Kangaroo, Rail
Available format 4K
Sound Sonoer
Summary An educational film about Australia from the late 1940s.
Description 1940s, Australia, educational films, boy and man watching as Australian flag is hoisted up flagpole, animated maps, geography, states, capitals, population distribution, regions, weather patterns, aerial Sydney, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour, port activity, waterfront activity, exportation, cargo such as animal products, bales of wool and wheat being loaded onto ships, vehicle POV heavy traffic and pedestrians on busy city streets, car pulling up to service station, shop windows, newsstand, ‘The Sun' newspaper, apartment buildings, flats, city houses, church, boys dressed in school uniforms walking towards and from school building, passengers boarding airplane parked on tarmac, airplane taking off, aerial factories, Blue Mountains, Central Basin, irrigated farmland, Hume Dam, backcountry, the bush, stations, ranches, bores, flocks of sheep, kangaroos, Trans-Australian Railway POV traveling across Great Plateau, Kalgoorlie, gold mining, Canberra, cityscape, skyline, National Library of Australia, Parliament House
kCatégorie News & Politics