The Glory of Spain

Number TFA-429C
Collection TFA
Title The Glory of Spain
Duration 00:08:50
Date of production 1930
Available format 4K
Sound Sonoer
Summary A film about Spain in the 1930s from the Van Beuren Corporation Vagabond Adventure series
Description 1930s, Van Beuren Corporation Vagabond Adventure Series, Tom Terriss, travelogues, travel films, Spain, Andalusia, Granada, Alhambra, exterior complex, Moorish architecture, horseshoe arches, wall carvings, fountains, passage to Court of the Lions, mosaics, Court of the Myrtles, Córdoba, Cordova, Roman bridge of Córdoba, Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, Great Mosque of Córdoba, people and livestock arriving for great fiesta, gitanos, gypsies, girls and women with traditional hair curl on forehead and large roses worn in hair dancing and clapping hands to guitar music, street scenes, carpet factory, woman and girls weaving carpet on loom, boys drying wool, man sitting on raised platform reading newspaper aloud to workers, bread boy riding donkey, procession of revelers, toreadors and picadors headed to bullfighting arena, boys selling fans, arena stands crowded with spectators, matadors and picadors entering arena, women wearing mantillas and fluttering fans watching eagerly from box seats, bullfighting, matadors and bulls, matador getting attacked by bull and being carried out of arena, crowds leaving, bell ringers ringing bells in tower, high angle view cityscape
kCatégorie News & Politics