The City of London

Number TFA-434F
Collection TFA
Title The City of London
Duration 00:18:17
Date of production 1951
Keyword Places : London, England, Great Britain
Index : Capital, Nurse
Available format 4K
Sound Sonoer
Summary 1951 documentary about the City of London with street scenes, prominent landmarks and traditions of the city.
Description 1950s, United Kingdom, Great Britain, England, London, dawn over city and River Thames, morning, empty streets, Temple Bar, Temple Bar Memorial, St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Bartholomew the Great Churchyard, grave stones, cemetery, Dr. Samuel Johnson's House, elevated steam train passing near St. Paul's Cathedral, tugboat, Billingsgate Fish Market, The Monument, barrow boys, fish porters, markets opening up, traders beginning to open, happy children running into church school, elevated train, Bank Junction, Mansion House, equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington, Bank Underground Station, street scenes, pedestrians, commuters exiting Underground station and walking to work, rush hour, historic signs outside buildings, banks, City of London, Bank of England building, London Stock Exchange, busy trading floor, floor traders, the Baltic Exchange, Lloyd's of London, model ship in window, Tower Bridge, cargo being unloaded from barges and stored in Thames side warehouses, wine and tea being tasted, furs being graded, spices and fabric being inspected, students in caps and gowns running down steps to St. Paul's towards Pawsons and Leafs Limited Building, St. Paul's Churchyard, Ludgate Hill with St. Paul's in background, double decker buses, workers on lunch breaks, eating at cafe counter, sitting and walking outside, interior St Bartholomew-the-Great, Great St Bart's, nurses, St Michael Paternoster Royal, plaque commemorating Richard Whittington, cat eating from saucer, Guildhall Library, Lord Mayor of London, Aldermen, Court of Common Council, Common Council session, Old Bailey, statue of Justice, policeman directing traffic and giving directions to woman, Smithfield market, Corporation of London Cleansing Department street sweeper vehicle, Common Council session, plaque on Fore Street marking spot where the first bomb of World War Two fell on London, bomb damaged buildings, church steeple, signs for Clothier Street, Cutler Street, Goldsmiths Street., silversmiths at work, engraving, guilds and companies of craftsmen, Oaths for Company of Gunmakers, Company of Tobacco Pipe Makers logo, Company of Basket-Makers, Company of Tin Plate Workers / Wire Workers, weighing and testing, hallmarking, Hall of the Guilds, items being tested for the Seal of the City of London, man tasting wine, Royal Exchange, Bank Junction, directors of the Baltic voting for new member by secret ballot, people leaving work, sunset over the Thames, clergyman walking inside St Bartholomew-the-Great, empty streets, craftsmen tools in racks
kCatégorie News & Politics