An Arcadian Maid                    

Number SF-1B
Collection Film muet
Title   An Arcadian Maid                    
Duration 00:21:32
Date of production 1910
Credits Director : actor : Pickford Mary
Keyword Index : Fiction, Cleaning lady, Farm, Flight
Sound silent
Summary A young girl looking for work, is hired by a farmer's wife to work as a maid. A smooth talking peddler comes by the farm, and flirts with the young maid. He gives the naive girl an engagement ring and promises to marry her. When the peddler runs up some gambling debts, he visits the maid again and tells her they cannot marry until he has enough money to pay off his debt. While the farmer and his wife are asleep, the maid foolishly steals their money. The peddler takes the money and leaves on a train to get out of town. Overcome with guilt, the young maid runs away from the farm. Meanwhile the peddler gets into a fight and is thrown off the train. The maid stumbles upon him by the railroad tracks. She finds the money on the peddler and returns it to the farm couple before they even knew it was missing.
Description Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett, George Nichols
kCatégorie News & Politics