Circus Day In Our Town

Number TFA-426A
Collection TFA
Title Circus Day In Our Town
Duration 00:15:08
Date of production 1949
Keyword Places : United States
Index : Circus
Available format 4K
Sound Sonoer
Description A circus train pulling into a station. Circus carts being rolled off the train. Elephants walking down train ramps. An elephant pulling up a long wooden pole with ropes. Men pounding in stakes with mallets A machine pounding in stakes. A group of men unrolling a large piece of canvas, pulling on the canvas. An elephant unrolling a bundle of canvas. A trailer that plays calliope music A sword swallower Man putting his clown face on, looking in a mirror a marching band two girls eating cotton candy dogs playing "basketball" with a balloon Crowd seated inside the "big top", clapping A rollerskating duo, man spins in circles while holding a woman by his teeth, she is spinning suspended in the air, twirling trapeze artists acrobats clowns, prancing horses, an aerial ballet woman in a tutu does a bareback act, clown in a bareback act, human pyramid on horseback tight wire dance, elephant act, elephant laying on a woman human bullets into the barrel of a cannon, shooting out into a net Elephants coming out of boxcar Father letting small child be nuzzled by circus elephant Circus tent entrance Sideshow entrance Minstrel show tent Little African American boys standing in front of minstrel show poster Sword swallower Clowns putting on makeup MCU Clowns coming out of tent Short crowd shot Roller skating tricks MLS Aerial lady acrobats Group of acrobats in Russian costumes MCU Clowns MCU Horses rearing up right in front of trainer Aerial ballet More clowns on horseback Man standing sideways on horseback (nice clear shot) Clown walks off back of horse Wobbly tightrope walker Tightrope walker nearly falls MCU Elephants feet and legs Elephant gets on top of circus lady CU Lady's face with elephant feet Human cannonball preparation [crowd shot of kids] More cannonball preparation MLS Human cannonballs shoot out
kCatégorie News & Politics